Chuck Harder

Chuck Harder began his career as a teenage disc jockey in Chicago in the early '60s. Harder moved on to WFLA in Tampa, Florida and began hosting a consumer talk show. Harder then hosted a similar program at WMCA, New York, and later at NBC Talknet.

Chuck HarderBut, Harder became disillusioned with what he calls the "velvet hammer" of corporate media. As he tried to tell listeners of defective products or disreputable corporate buiness practices, station brass asked him to quietly "stay away from some of the sensitive topics, etc."

Thus, Harder started syndicating his program from a one car garage in Tampa in 1987. Harder and his wife, Dianne, invested $160,000 of their life savings to launch a radio program for "the little guys who had no voice."

The For the People program seeks to provide a forum for the average citizen to learn about consumer information and the workings of our government. Because the program is financially supported by listeners rather than advertisers, Harder speaks without fear of corporate censorship or reprisals. Truth and facts are delivered without apology. Harder is a walking encyclopedia of information from how to collect a debt to getting a large corporation to respond to complaints.

His guests have included such notables as Gov. Jerry Brown, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, James Earl Jones, Pat Choate, Gerry Spence, Sarah McLendon, as well as many other nationally known and respected experts and news-makers.

On August 1, 1994 Harder launched a thirty minute daily television version of the For the People program. To date, the television program is carried by over 74 stations including clearances in Tampa, Denver and Indianapolis.

On Novermber 12th, 1993, For the People was featured live for three hours on C-Span. Harder was named one of the 25 most important talk show hosts in the country by Talkers Magazine and featured in USA Today February 1, 1995. Harder has also been featured in many other media.

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